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23 Small Bathroom Ideas for Smart and Elegant Space

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The small bathroom should not cramp your lifestyle. Make the most of the space with ingenious small bathroom ideas. You can trick the lighting, storage space, decorations, or materials to create a great bathroom in limited space.

Here are 21 ideas you can try.

Woven Baskets under Sink

small bathroom with oval mirror

Woven baskets are easy and beautiful storage solutions for a small bathroom. You can pile them under the sink to save space. Use them to store towels, dirty clothes, or bathroom products.

Skylight for Small Bathroom

Small modern bathroom with skylight

Skylight for small bathroom provides natural light and large room illusion. When windows are not enough (or not an option), the skylight is the only reasonable choice.

Curtain Rail for Shower Stall

Aqua bathroom with dark floor

Reduce bulk by replacing shower stall walls with a curtain. Connected to a rail (like in changing room), this curtain provides an adequate block against splashes and unwanted view.

Bathroom with Floating Closet

White modern bathroom design

The floating closet does not need extra bulk underneath. It can be installed right on the wall, with the tank covered. It frees some leg space in the bathroom.

White Bathroom with Mirrors

Small modern bathroom with toilet and sink

White bathroom with mirrors creates a spacious look. To prevent boring look, use variations in shades, patterns, and textures. For example, combine subway tile walls with sparkling white fixtures and light terrazzo floor.

Alcove for Small Bathroom

modern small bathroom

Alcove is a recessed part built in a wall. Alcove for small bathroom provides space in the wall to put bathroom products. You can reach for soap or shampoo easily in the shower by making an alcove.

Hang Mirror on Window

luxury small bathroom

Placing a mirror on the window is not among popular small bathroom ideas. However, it is good to save space and give you a good spot to stand. The mirror also provides additional privacy, and light can still enter through the edges.

Towel Bars for Bathroom

contemporary small bathroom ideas

Towel bars for bathroom provide extra space without being bulky. Towel bars can be installed on the wall or washstand. You can also install them right above the tub.

Solid-colored Walls and Patterned Tiles

modern bathroom with Mosaic tiles

Want to spice up a bathroom? Keep the walls in a solid color but install patterned tiles. They look great without being overwhelming.

Continuous Floor Design

Modern small bathroom ideas

Continuous floor design, which extends from the bathroom to shower stall and sink area, creates a more spacious feeling. The continuous design also saves you money and troubles of choosing different flooring designs.

Small Bathroom with Ledge

small bathroom with toilet and shower

Small bathroom with ledge offers extra space for bathroom supplies on the wall. Installing the ledge above bathroom sink reduces the need for a vanity table.

Pedestal Sink for Small Bathroom

bathroom interior design with unique tiles

Pedestal sink for small bathroom has smaller bulk than the regular one. It also looks sleeker and more elegant without reducing function.

Oval Wall Mirror

Modern style small washroom

Need to have a large wall mirror? Replace a common square mirror with the oval one. The oval mirror creates the illusion of a higher, more spacious room.

Unique Shower Curtain

colorful bathroom design

The unique shower curtain is not one of the most common small bathroom ideas. However, it helps to improve the look and to reduce bulky parts. Unique shower curtain also makes a small bathroom more special.

Small Bathroom with Clear Glass Panels

luxury small bathroom design

When choosing glass panels for partitions, choose the clear types. Small bathroom with clear glass panels feels bigger despite the partitions. Clear glass allows natural light from the window to enter, making the room feel even bigger.

Vanity Table with Curved Edges

small bathroom with curtains

Curved edges are ideal for the small bathroom than the regular sharp ones. There is no risk of injury or painful bumping, perfect in a small space. Curved edges also offer a more modern look.

Long Sink over Double Sinks

small modern bathroom design

The long sink is a more suitable option for the small bathroom than double sinks (if two people are using the bathroom). Long sink does not take up too much space, but it still accommodates two people.

Round Bathtub for Small Bathroom

small bathroom ideas

Need more luxury? Consider round bathtub for a small bathroom. The tub gives you a place to relax and unwind (or do home spa) but does not take up much space. The round tub also looks more elegant and modern compared to the square one.

Oval Sink for Bigger Countertop

Bathroom interior with blue wall

The oval sink is a great solution for the small countertop. Its soft edge takes up less space than square sink. It also looks beautiful and classy, perfect for modern bathroom design.

Trough Sink for Multiple Users

modern bathroom with bath tub and big mirror


If you have multiple people (or kids) sharing one bathroom, try installing a trough sink. It accommodates several people without sacrificing space. If there are small kids, you only need to add stools to help them reach the faucets.

Floating Sink for Small Bathroom

small bathroom decor

Floating sink for small bathroom has basin-like shape with almost nonexistent bottom bulk. This is the more suitable option than pedestal sink for a minuscule bathroom.

Small bathroom ideas


These small bathroom ideas are not outrageous or eccentric. You can renovate or build a small bathroom with better and more convenient space using these inspirations.

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