18 Elements in the Farmhouse Kitchen Décor that You Can Try

The kitchen is the heart of all homes. A comfortable kitchen décor should feel welcoming and become an area that everyone loves. No doubt, the farmhouse kitchen décor will give that kind of feeling to your house. To create the perfect farmhouse kitchen, the elements below may be worth to try.

The Famous White Kitchen

Best Farmhouse Kitchen

The classical has an all-white color with a touch of natural wood elements. You can recreate the look by opting out white tiles for the floors and walls. If marble countertops feel too luxurious, try to change it for a thick laminated wood one.

The Use of Open-Shelving

Shelf Farmhouse Kitchen Design IDeas

Open-shelving will not only give your kitchen effective storage spaces, but it also works as a display for your accessories. In between your appliances, put vintage coffee cans, glass jars, and other farmhouse kitchen décor.

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher Block Countertops

This kind of countertop gives an authentic farmhouse feel to your kitchen. The thick block of wood is also strong and durable. However, it requires a little bit more maintenance than granite or marble.

Kitchen Island as a Focal Point

Farmhouse Kitchen DEsign IDeas

The idea is to create an island that stands out among the other elements of the kitchen. If you plan an all-white color on the kitchen, you can make the island as a focal point by using a darker color such as black, dark ebony, or deep cherry red.

Add Warmth with Rugs

Farmhouse Kitchen Décor Ideas

Place a rug on the kitchen along the line of the cabinets or around the island to add more warmth. Make sure that you choose the right color and materials so that it keeps relatively clean all the time.

Pendant Lights

Farmhouse kitchen with Pendant Lights

A farmhouse kitchen design can be combined with the industrial style. Add a set of pendant lights in the middle of the area. The use of black metal as the material will emphasize the classical style of the farmhouse kitchen. If you happen to have an island, placing the lights above it would also be a great idea.

Secondary Lightings

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Décor

Give a touch of modernity by adding secondary lightings under the shelves or hanging cabinets. It wraps the whole kitchen into a welcoming ambiance. Furthermore, more lights mean you create depth and dimension to the kitchen’s appearance.

Add a Splash of Color

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Though the classical farmhouse kitchen would go for neutral colors, it is also possible to add some brightness to the area. For example, you can use checkered red-and-white curtains on the windows. Greenery like wreaths and potted plants can also refresh the look of the kitchen.

Have Fun with Chalkboard

Best Farmhouse Kitchen

A chalkboard on one area of the kitchen would be a good place to leave notes, recipes, or just as a décor. You can utilize this chalkboard as a cabinet door or hang it on the wall.

Barnyard Picket Windows

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

There is nothing that says “farmhouse” more than barnyard picket windows. With the right amount of distressed wood, your farmhouse kitchen will bring the memories of an American classical house.

Exchange Cabinet Doors with Curtains

Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen

It brings back to the old times where housewives were creative by making their curtains as their cabinets cover. Use neutral-colored fabrics that are on the same theme with the rest of the kitchen.

Black Metal Accents

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Black metal accents on the baskets, pendant lightings, windows, or other accessories will add a bit of industrial style to the kitchen. It also contrasts with the calm colors of white, grey, ivory, and light brown that usually dominate the kitchen.

Porcelain Sink on Cabinet

Simple Sink Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

You may have seen porcelain sink on a classical farmhouse kitchen. Long before a stainless steel sink replaced it, white porcelain sink on a wood cabinet is the thing you should have in a farmhouse kitchen.

DIY Projects

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

With the aim of creating a real farmhouse kitchen, you can also bring in some of your DIY décors to it. Projects like wraths, decorated jars, and hand-lettering decors can add more coziness to your kitchen.

Décor with Dried Flower Bouquets

Farmhouse Kitchen Décor Element Ideas

Dried flower bouquets placed on pots, old vase, or vintage coffee cans may add the feel of farmhouse authenticity. You can create the bouquet by yourself and place it on the kitchen island, around the sink, or even by the kitchen windows.

Old Fashioned Lettering

Farmhouse Kitchen Light Decor

There are vintage shops that sell retro signs, classical hand-lettering décor, and vintage ads. If you happen to find one, don’t doubt to buy it and use it to décor your farmhouse kitchen idea.

Exposed Beams

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

While most modern kitchen hides the beams on the ceiling, it works otherwise with the farmhouse kitchen décor. A farmhouse usually has big exposed wood beams, and that is what people are looking for a farmhouse kitchen.

Organize the Area with Baskets

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you don’t like the look of black metal in the kitchen, you can switch the option to woven baskets. The natural color and material will bring your kitchen back to the old American ambiance.

Open Shelve Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Design: Never Goes Out of Style

Amazing Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

We think we all agree that a farmhouse kitchen décor is the perfect choice for a comfortable and cozy kitchen. It also takes less cost to make since many elements of the authentic farmhouse kitchen projects.

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