29 Stunning Modern House Design and Tips How to Create It

Recently, people prefer a house that is accommodating all their need without having too many details and furniture. Minimalism and simplicity have been the key to the modern house design.

To give an insight into what a modern house looks like, here are some of the designs that may inspire you.
Expansive Windows

Allowing more lights in by installing large windows around the house is a great way to design a modern house. The large windows would expose the simple interior décor while giving a relaxing view of the house’s yard.

1. Flat Roof

Modern house with colored led lights

Modern house designs are starting to leave the concept of the gable roof and go for the flats instead. The flat roof gives a contemporary look whether you are using wood or concrete as the basic material.

2. Passive House

Modern style home boasts two car garage

A passive house design features an eco-friendly house that is energy efficient and comfortable at the same time. Though it costs more to make one, it relies on the construction to keep warm in the cold season and quality ventilation in summer.

3. Double-Height House

interior modern house design

A double-height house is not similar to a two-story house. The second floor is connected with the first floor with a mezzanine, giving a higher measurement for most of the area. This design allows more air and light circulation inside the house.

4. Organic House

The wooden house on the nature

Start your growing house by having edible gardens around the yard or on the roof deck. This type of modern house design is starting to be adopted especially for those who want to live more healthily and conscious about environmental sustainability.

5. Open House Plan

Big modern house design

The modern house design plans now may also feature an open space on the back of the house. Connected with the garden, it brings nature inside the house. Mostly, the open space connects the kitchen and dining area with the garden.

6. High-Tech Features

Contemporary house design

There’s no doubt a high-tech house is now starting to appeal to many homeowners. Automated gate, retractable kitchen, and energy-saving lamps are some of the features that you can attach to the house. To keep the house environmental-friendly, the use of solar panels is one of the solutions.

7. Space-Efficiency

Modern house with terrace and a swimming pool

A modern house plan does not have to be big. Small spaces can be built vertically to create efficiency in each story. A small house with a three-story plan will also be more efficient in cost as the total heated area becomes smaller.

8. Modular House

containers house design

By using shipping containers, modular home brings modernity as it is sustainable and produce less waste in its building phase. It is also considered as a house with high durability due to its rigid steel material.

7 Tips in Designing a Modern House

A modern house can be interpreted as a contemporary house with clean lines and details on both the exterior and interior. Furthermore, people are aiming to have a more sustainable house that is energy-saving and friendly for the environment.

modern house design ideas

Thus, modern house designs should be effectively built by considering all aspects below:

1. Finding a Theme

Home Exterior design

The theme of your house will determine its whole appearance. You can decide to go for a natural log with a lot of wood element or go for a complete concrete for a cleaner look. On the interior, the theme can be created for each room. It may consist of the colors, materials, and designs used in a particular room.

2. Base Design on Function

Modern style home ideas

This is the key to modern house design. The function, especially if you are using more technology on the house, should be integrated flawlessly. To do this, consider what function that you need on the house. It can all start by listing the area you need and what technology you can use to ease your life in the house.

3. The Right Colors

Big modern house design

Modern color palette comprises of bold and neutral colors. It leaves out pastel colors especially the bright ones. Some colors that you can use on the interior and exterior are deep red, white, silver, charcoal, cobalt blue, gray, sheer green, and ivory.

4. First and Secondary Lightings

Contemporary white house images

Unlike old houses that rely on main lightings, the concept of secondary lightings is familiar in modern houses. The use of up-lights, pin lights, spotlights, and dimmers can be planned to make the house look warm and stand out from the surroundings.

Subtle Patterns

On the interior, you can choose to have subtle patterns on the sofa, walls, rugs, and other fabrics. Patterns like geometric and simple lines can be used to add variation to the areas inside the house.

5. Efficient Storage Spaces

contemporary house design ideas

As the modern houses emphasize simplicity, sometimes it is hard to keep the house clean due to all the stuff you have. As a solution, create more storage like cabinets and shelves to accommodate it all.

6. The House Layout

 Luxury Home design with Balcony

Traditional houses may have a clear division between each room. In modern houses, more space is open, so the interior looks bigger. The focal point, furniture, or the room’s theme often make a visual division rather than the physical one.

7. The Choice of Materials

 stone home exterior with front patio

Though common materials like wood, concrete, and stones are still in use in modern houses, sometimes they also prefer for lighter ones like board and gypsum. Cost-wise, this will be easy on a budget for building a modern house.
The modern house design is indeed based on functionality in minimalism. With these tips, you can start thinking of the concept you are applying in your contemporary house.

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