32 Cute Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas to Make Her Comfortable

Get inspired by these comfortable teen girl bedroom ideas and start to make it come true.

There is no other fun like decorating the teenage bedroom. Teenage girls tend to have a distinct taste in colors and styles. It makes decorating feels unique, and if you have more than one teenage girl, chances are they have a different vision of how their bedroom should be.

These teen girl bedroom ideas might inspire you on where and how to start decorating a comfortable area for them.

Make Your Own Teenage Bedroom Designs

little girl's bedroom in pink color

You may have a different idea with your teen girl. Instead of taking the risk of pushing your design to her, it is best that you take her to design the bedroom together. Browse several pictures and let her decide the basic inspiration. That way, you will help her by adding a bit of personality to the area.

Color Ideas to Pick

Color combinations can be pleasing to the eye and create a cozy ambiance for the bedroom. Here are some of the most popular colors for your teen girl bedroom ideas:

Blue and Hot Pink

modern teen girl bedroom home design with blue and pink wall decoration

This color combo looks girly and tomboy at the same time. Match it with doodle patterns on the rug or bed sheet. If you want to add texture, velvet and faux fur would be the perfect pair for these girly yet elegant colors.

Pastel Colors with Flower Pattern

Teen Room design

Pastel colors refer to the pale spectrum of color combination such as baby blue, periwinkle, lavender, pink, and mint. These colors give a soothing ambiance for girls who like it calm. The best patterns to go with these colors are polka dot, stripes, and small flowers.

Navy Blue and Gold

Vintage bedroom interior with gold retro chair

Bold colors for bold girls, navy blue, and gold would add elegance and can be considered long-lasting. It would still look amazing even when your teenage girl has grown up to a young adult. Apply these colors on walls, curtains, or upholstery.

Bright Colors

Design interior of teenage girl bedroom

Bright colors would add a fresh and joyful look to your teen girl bedroom ideas. Combinations of these colors are limitless. You can mix bright pink with blue, for example. You can even match several colors in one area, and it would still look stunning.


teen girl bedroom ideas

The monochromatic room uses only hues from one color with black being the most popular. You may use black, white, and grey to create monochromatic teen girl bedroom ideas. The best thing about this color combination is that it would give a bright and calming ambiance especially when you add more whites than blacks.

Modern Dressing Room for the Girly Ones

dresses hanging under the rack

Whether your teenager is girly or tomboy, a dressing room is what they need to sport their favorite style every day. Provide them with a large mirror and makeup station if they need it. If possible, create organized storage for each fashion items such as clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes.

Plenty of Storage is Essential

girl bedroom interior Metal shelves

Teenage will have plenty of stuff to store in their bedroom, so make sure there is enough storage to keep them all in. Create different types of storage for books, hobby stuff, clothes, accessories, toys, movies, and random things.

Cozy Study Area

Teen girl bedroom and space for study

Remember that a bedroom should not only be comfortable for sleeping and resting, but also for studying. After all, she still got a couple of years ahead to finish her study. Creating a cozy study area with organized stationery would accelerate her concentration in studying.

Got a Bookworm in the House? Give Her a Comfortable Reading Nook

turquoise green bedroom interior with Bookcase headboard

A reading nook by the window is the perfect teen girl bedroom ideas if your girl likes to read a lot. Place the bookshelf near the corner and a table in case she needs some warm drink or snacks to go with her book reading.

Small Lounge for a Sleepover

Bedroom For Children In Pink and Purple Butterflies

We all know that girls love having a sleepover. If you have space, why not create a comfortable lounge with sofa or big pillows over a rug. It would definitely be her favorite place in the bedroom—and her friends’ favorite, too.

Tricking a Small Teenage Bedroom

small teen bedroom ideas

If you think that small teenage bedroom is hard to decorate, consider it twice now. There are some tricks that you can do to make the bedroom feels spacious and less cramped. Here are they:

  • Place a Wall-Length Mirror

stylish comfy interior for princess girl

A wall-length mirror would visually enlarge the space and make it feels bigger. It also works as a focal point and would be a feature that your teenager loves.

  • Use the Space under the Bed

Teen girl bedroom and space for study

If you don’t have that much space to create a wardrobe area, use a platform bed frame with drawers under. With extra storage under the bed, the room would have fewer cluttering things lying around.

  • Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Creative room with painting of sugar skull and round mirror

Sometimes simplicity is the best advice. A small room would feel more cramped if you try to fit in many colors and patterns at the same time. Go for neutrals and accent it with a dash of colors to keep it simple.

interior for teenage girl or student

Cozy Simple Bedroom of a Young Woman

Simple Cozy interior bedroom of a young woman

Cute Small Bedroom

cozy girl's bedroom with flower board and single metal bed

Natural Bedroom Concept

White bedroom with natural concept

Spacious Bedroom with Natural Materials

Spacious girl bedroom design with modern decor

The most important thing in creating the teen girl bedroom ideas is to pour her personality into the designs. It’s all about her comfort, so make sure she is involved in every step of decorating the bedroom.

Dressing Rooms Designs
Plenty of Storage
Small Lounge for a Sleepover

pink and black bedroom ideas

pastel color bedroom

Beautiful Dark Blue Bedroom
blue and pink bedroom for girl
Monochromes Teenage Girl Bedroom
simple small bedroom
cozy study area

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