DIY Flip flop shoes Decor Idea with Step by Step Photos

Last Sunday, I bought a pair of flip flop shoes from the market for casual wear. It was a simple pair of footwear.

When I bring this pair at home then I decided to décor it with my own hands simply by using a fancy piece of lace so that it can look little bit stylish & trendy.

I find a fancy piece of lace from my basket (in which I mostly keep sewing material such as needles, threads, buttons, laces etc).

Then I décor my flip flops. Let me share some pictures with you.

Needed Items:

1) A simple pair of flip flops
2) Glue Gun (you can use any adhesive material for pasting lace with flip flops)
3) Scissors
4) Fancy Lace


Look towards the Pictures.

1) After Measurement Cut the Lace & Paste with Flip Flop Strap:

2) Ready to Wear:

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