Lace Decoration at Flip Flop Shoes

Today I bought latest design of flip flop shoes from market. It was greatly awesome and superb for summer.

But its straps were looking little bit simple. My sister suggested me to decor this shoes.

She also gave me some ideas fir shoe’s decoration, one of those ideas was greatly inspired me and I made fabulously awesome shoes by some little it changes.

Want to share those changes with you which I done to décor my flip flop shoes stay with us.

Vital accessories:

  • Flip flop shoes
  • Black and golden lace
  • Silk ribbon
  • Scissor
  • Probe

Lace wrapping:

First I wrapped the straps of these shoes with silk ribbon. I used probe for neat coverage of ribbon at strap’s starting point. Then I started its wrapping with lace see the pictures.

Fantastic lace decoration at flip flop shoes:

Amazingly awesome decent as well as fancy flip flop shoes were in my feet. I was tremendously excited and jovial at my creation. It was greatly inspiring and costly in their expression.

I was greatly thankful to my sister who gave me such an excellent idea. See the final fantastic look of these flip flop shoes.

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