Easy DIY Thread Wrapped Bangles Idea

If you are bored from your simple & plain bangles then it’s the right time to convert your boring bangles into classy & stunning bangles by utilizing this thread wrapping DIY idea.

Believe me its very easy & cheap jewelry decoration idea. By using colorful threads you can convert your each bangle into a different color of bangle.

Similarly, in the place of thread you can also use thin size ribbons for wrapping your bangles. I am going to share the thread wrapped bangles complete pictorial procedure with you.

Hopefully after viewing this method you will be able to create different color wrapped bangles with your own hands.

Thing Required:

The objects that you need are;

1) Scissor
2) Thread (you can choose the color of your own choice)
3) Bangle (simple bangles)
4) Glue (it’s optional, for securing the last ends of threads)

How to Wrap Thread around the Bangle:

After wrapping, you can decorated your bangle by using beads, stones, crystals ^ other decorative ornaments. Decoration is an optional activity.

If these things are easily available then you can done it otherwise simple bangles also looks nice on your wrist.

You can use one color thread or you can use a combination of red & white or black & white similarly you have lots of combinations.

Choose a combination that will look nice with your dress if you want to prepare a matching set of bangles with your dress. You can use these bangles with your casual dresses. Have some fun by utilizing this idea at home!

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