Mind-Blowing Idea To Give New Look To Old Shoes

Hey girls! If your old shoes have become old so don’t throw it.

Here I have mind blowing idea for you to give new look to your shoes.

With simple things you can decorate your old shoes and this will be able to wear again.

With this idea you can decorate your any shoes either school, party, or causal.

This idea works tremendously in giving opulent look to footwear.

Have a look how I give new look to my old one.!

Required things:

  • Old shoes
  • Back closure buttons
  • Pearls
    Rhine stones
  • Glue gun
  • Cloth (for clean the shoes)

How to make New Look To Old Shoes (Step by Step)

1. Clean up the shoes;

2. Include button in first hole;

3. Paste pearls:

4. Affix Rhine stones upon the pearls beautifully:

5. Decorate the remaining part with pearls and buttons as you can see in pictures;

6. Ready to wear;

Wao! You can see pearls and stones changed the look of old shoe. No you can wear it more time without any hesitation.

Hope you will appreciate this fabulous idea!

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