LG Mobile Back Side Butterfly DIY Decor Idea

Mostly, it is observed that people use special designs of decorative cases & holders for their mobile so that their mobile phone can look more beautiful & pretty.

But we cannot deny the fact that these cases or holders are really very expensive.

Mobile Butterfly DIY Decor Ideas

Now, you need to spend lots of money on the purchase of these expensive cases for your mobile because we are providing you the inexpensive & cheap mobile décor ideas that can convert the back side of your mobile similarly like a decorative & expensive mobile case. So, let’s start!

Objects Needed

Things that are required

1) Your Mobile (we are Using our LG mobile)
2) Simple & Glittered Fomic Sheets (we are using red, yellow & green colors)
3) Scissor
4) Pencil
5) Glue
6) Glitter

Step-by-Step Procedure

Pictures which are shown below are providing the accurate instruction on how you can do it yourself.

1) Creation of Butterflies by Using Fomic Sheets:

2) Paste Glitter On the back Side of Mobile:

3) Paste Butterflies:

Let it air dry from 5 to 10 minutes. Your set is ready to use.

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