DIY Beaded Wrist Bracelet

When you visit a jewelry shop then you have lots of options about what you should purchase or what not.

But one thing that becomes a constrained into your shopping is the heavy price tag on a beautiful piece of jewelry.

So, in this case you can do one thing out of two things.

First one is you can buy this expensive item by leaving all other things or second thing that you can do is to left this expensive item & then buy other cheap items.

But this is really a very disgusting situation. Is it not? Yes of course it is?

Now you can get rid from this situation by creating very unique, beautiful & creative pieces of jewelry at home by utilizing our DIY jewelry ideas.

Our ideas help you to create outstanding & qualitative pieces of jewelry by using cheapest material.

Now, no need to worry about your budget constrained. Just check out our ideas & try at home.

Now without wasting any single minute let me tell you about how you can create a hot wrist bracelet by using beads.

Essential items:

For making this wrist jewelry you need;

1) Colorful Beaded
2) Scissor
3) Multifilament Fishing Line
4) Tich Button
5) Noise Making Beads or Ringing Bells (which are mostly used into anklets)

How to make Beaded Bracelet:

Follow the step by pictorial process which is shown below!

1) Pass Multifilament Line from Four Holes of Tich Button:

2) Add Beads:

Add three Beads in each strand & then join two strands with each other by adding one bead.

3) Repeat Same Steps & Create Bracelet:

4) Add other part of Tich Button:

5) Create Hanging Strands:

6) Ready to Wear:

Beaded Bracelet:

This beaded bracelet can be used for casual wear with summer tops & stylish dresses. It will look very flattering into your wrist.

It can become a best friendship band for best friends. Friends can use it as a gift on friendship day. Due to the usage of colorful beads it can be used with every color of outfit.

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