5+ Grey Kitchen Cabinet Design and Ideas

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Cabinets in the kitchen is a must furniture because it gives both functional and decorative look.

Many people tend to choose the color of the cabinet similar to their interior design.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet

However, the use of grey as the color for cabinets is not a mistake.

It can serve the neutral ambience to another kitchen stuff.

Moreover, grey can be mixed and matched with another color.

1. Grey Kitchen Cabinet with White Countertop

Image Source: benimmulku.com

The mix of white countertop in your kitchen will light up your grey cabinets.

It gives a neutral look and also cleanness look.

Neat, clean, and tidy are the three words that can describe your kitchen if you use this design.

2. Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Yellow Wall

Using a deep yellow as your wall color will also make your kitchen cheerful.

Beautifying with the old grey cabinets will give such an elegant appearance.

Make sure that you also choose the grey countertop with marble material.

3. Glossy and Stunning Grey Kitchen Cabinet

What another ways to have a modern and beautiful kitchen cabinet?

The use of glossy cabinets will increase your kitchen look to be more modern.

This is the best way ever if you have a minimalist kitchen design.

It also gives a simple look in your kitchen.

4. U Shaped Grey Kitchen Cabinet with White Wall

Image Source: kitchenpeople.com

Having small space for the kitchen will not distract you from using cabinets.

You can choose the U shaped cabinets to minimize the small space.

The u shaped grey cabinets mixed with the white wall is totally stunning.

5. Farmhouse Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Island

Image Source: pinterest.com

Matching all your kitchen stuff in the color will be a great idea.

You can have the same color as your cabinet and island.

Put them into white and grey color to create a farmhouse style.

The choice of light grey will really a good choice.

6. Minimalist Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The look of all grey kitchen cabinets and island is great for the minimalist home.

All the furniture looks like metal furniture when you use grey painting color.

It also gives a neutral ambience for the kitchen.

7. An Open Grey Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cabinet should not always be closed.

You can also use the open kitchen cabinets to make everything easy to access.

This will be really helpful for you and your cooking activity.

The dark grey island will help to bold the room color as well its function as the wall.

8. Stained Grey Kitchen Cabinet

This design for a kitchen cabinet is really modern and edgy.

If you want to have this look, you can use the stained grey kitchen cabinets.

This color will make your kitchen more luxurious just like a pro restaurant.

9. L-Shaped Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Using the L-shape is good idea for cabinets.

If you have a large room for the kitchen, this L-shaped will be able to keep all your kitchen stuff.

The use of grey color makes everything perfect and classy.

10. Grey Kitchen Cabinet and Sink

Sink is one of the must have item for the kitchen.

You need to mix and match your kitchen cabinets and kitchen sink.

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