20 Amazing Small Bedroom Ideas for Comfort and Beauty

Description: Small bedroom ideas range from unique walls to smart furniture. Here are 20 ideas to create beautiful and comfortable bedrooms.

A bedroom doesn’t need to be large and opulent to be comfortable. Many small bedroom ideas create an amazing look from smart decorations. These 20 ideas are easy to apply and perfect for any houses or apartments with limited space.

1. Attractive Wall and Headboard

Bright and cozy modern bedroom
Small Modern Bedroom

Make the bedroom more interesting with statement wall behind the headboard. Choose a solid color for the wall, like red, purple, or lilac. Use decorative headboard to match it.

2. White Small Bedroom with Vintage Furniture

beautiful white bright interior bedroom

White small bedroom with vintage furniture looks calming and classy at the same time. Use white for the walls, bed, and fabric. Install wooden floor to balance the whiteness. Add several vintage items like an armchair, bedside table, or storage chest.

3. Modern Japanese Bedroom

zen style bedroom

Modern Japanese bedroom uses bare but elegant design elements. Install a low mattress without headboard to save space. Add a lantern-style standing lamp, carpet from natural fiber, wooden closet, low desk, and several floor cushions.

4. Bright Colors and Patterns

best small bedroom with wall pattern ideas

Bright colors and patterns are not popular small bedroom ideas, because they can look crowded. The trick is to choose a statement object, like a lamp, bedspread, or curtain, and choose the color schemes from it. Keep patterns minimum to avoid a crowded feeling.

5. Bedroom with Multipurpose Furniture

small bedroom ideas

Multipurpose furniture is available widely, perfect for small bedrooms. You can buy a bed with storage space at the bottom, bench with secret storage, or nightstand with a spacious top that can be used as a table.

6. Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Modern scandinavian sunny bedroom with plants

The small Scandinavian bedroom has a refreshing, spacious look. It uses neutral shades like white and soft grey. The furniture items are mostly sleek and free of unnecessary ornaments. Wooden beams on the ceiling add Nordic house-style rusticity.

7. Small Bedroom with Large Windows

best small bedroom with window

Large glass panel windows bring in light and create bigger-room illusion. Small bedroom with large windows is perfect for high floor level or apartment. Blinds from unique materials or light curtains provide privacy.

8. Unique Pendant Lamp

Small bedroom with unique pendant lamp

Unique pendant lamp, especially if it has a prominent design, can create an illusion of extra space. It also gives a room personality, even with minimum decorations. Crystal chandelier, Edison bulb lamp, or contemporary pendant lamp work well for a small bedroom.

9. Small Bedroom with Canopy

Small bedroom with canopy

The canopy can emphasize height in a cramped room, perfect for unlikely small bedroom ideas. Install high canopy that extends from ceiling to floor for the desired effect.

10. Graphic Bedroom Wall Decal

Small scandi bedroom

Graphics decal gives a strong statement in a small bedroom. Using bold color and unique design will give the room personality. Choose light, neutral wall colors to accommodate the colorful decal.

11. Citrus Colors in White Bedroom

Small scandinavian bedroom

Spice up the small white bedroom with bursts of citrus colors. Yellow, orange, and green will make a white room look “fresh.” Use these colors for accents, such as on pillows, nightstand, furniture items, or wall decoration.

12. Tropical Small Bedroom Design

Tropical style rattan bedroom

Tropical small bedroom design brings warmth and joy even to the smallest room. Thatched rug, bamboo furniture, wooden window panes, and large leaf patterns on fabric are perfect for creating tropical look.

13. Small Bedroom with Twin-size Bed

small bedroom ideas

Maximize the space by choosing a twin-size bed (if the room is just for one person). Small bedroom with twin-size bed provides more foot space. It also provides more room for other functional furniture.

14. Vertical Living Space

bedroom with grey walls and white

Vertical living space is perfect for a minuscule bedroom in an apartment. A loft or platform can be the place for a bed, while the rest of the floor is dedicated to study, read, work, or store stuff.

15. Small Bedroom with Wallpaper

bedroom with yellow chair

Small bedroom with wallpaper offers an interesting look, even with minimum furniture. The key is to pick wallpaper with large patterns instead of small ones (which look cluttered). Choose a bedroom color scheme based on the colors on the wallpaper.

16. Small Bedroom with Wall Mirrors

bedroom interior with a ficus mirror

Mirrors can create extra space illusion in a small room. Small bedroom with wall mirrors will look larger and more beautiful. Choose one large mirror as the main decoration. Add several smaller mirrors with unique designs as accents.

17. Window behind Bed

window behind bed

Placing the bed against the window is a common trick in a small room. It prevents you from looking directly at the light when waking up. The window also creates a natural focal point.

18. Floating Shelves in Small Bedroom

warm bedroom interior

Floating shelves in small bedroom increase the floor space. You can store books and other stuff that cannot be kept in the closet or drawer. Many floating shelves have unique designs that can add decorative value to the room.

19. Bedroom with Built-in Shelves

bright bedroom interior with flowers

Built-in shelves save more space than floating items. The built-ins dig into the wall, reducing the need to install furniture. Built-in shelves are common, but some interior designers have created built-in beds to reduce space.

20. Corner Desk for Extra Space

Bedroom with Wooden desk

A corner desk is efficient for a small bedroom because it takes up the precious corner room. You can work, place table mirror and lamp, or use the extra space as a nightstand.

These small bedroom ideas don’t require much money to try. Make your bedroom beautiful and comfortable regardless of size with these ideas.

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