5+ Fascinating Exterior Design Ideas

The exterior design is the most important design.

Why? That’s all because everyone will see the design outside first rather than the inside.

Exterior Design Ideas

The exterior design sometimes will also define who is the owner.

This can be clearly stated that you as the owner can make your home exterior as your personality representation.

1. Classic Brown Exterior Design

The traditional look of brown and broken white is never ending design.

This design will be really stunning and classic yet luxury look.

2. Cottage Blue Exterior Design

Image Source: thespruce.com

Blue, white, and brown are the most lovable mixing for the home exterior.

It can be the best design for your home because it will brighten your environment look.

3. Tudor Bold Exterior Design

The Tudor design has a characteristic of brown and black color for the painting.

The bold or dark color against the light or bright color.

The use of trim style is also what most people do with this design.

The natural wood is the main material and it lets to be darken year by year to give bold look.

4. Trim Exterior Design

Image Source: thespruce.com

The trim with contrast color is really timeless design.

It is never wrong when the traditionally trim house meet the field color and also trim details.

This design will truly increase the contrast and build a strong look of your exterior design.

You can emphasize the design by choosing broken white and dark grey color.

5. Craftsman Exterior Design

Image Source: thespruce.com

The craftsman home style is also a gorgeous style for your exterior design.

With wooden material, it will make your home more natural and by giving the soft green colors will really make it perfect.

This will be a perfect combination between craftsman design and also the color of your house.

6. Stunning Brick Exterior Design

Brick as the main material for home is high end if you can design in modern way.

To make it look modern, you can make the color of the brick brighter than the usual brick.

The use of beige colors will calm the ambience and also make it more friendly.

7. Farmhouse Exterior Design

Image Source: trans-actionrealty.com

Farmhouse design is never end.

The style is really suitable for any home design or interior design or even for the furniture.

Having a farmhouse like design will be stand out since it gives a calm and peaceful ambience.

The choice of soft colors will make your home feel warm.

8. Oasis Desert-Like Exterior Design

Image Source: thespruce.com

Designing your exterior home will most likely a painting.

Colors will play an important part yet the other aspects can be more important.

Giving an ambience of oasis and desert to your house will really great.

You can grow some succulents because it doesn’t need much water to live.

And also some sand and small stone will really matched.

9. Blues Waterfront Exterior Design

The cottage design for your exterior home will definitely stunning.

The blue color will make it more luxury and moreover for your waterfront scenery.

To make it more peaceful and traditional, you can mix with the white colors for the stand foundation.

It will more like high class when you can add some high-end furniture.

10. Curb Appeal Exterior Design

Image Source: thespruce.com

Having clean and pleasing natural plants can give a very calm ambience.

The exterior design with this white paint colors can support the most neutral ambience.

Combining the white color with the right color will make your exterior curb appealing.

It will be also the sign to welcoming the guests in your house.

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