5+ Best Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Yellow kitchen will be so much attractive for any home design whether big or small. It gives your room a bright color and more spacious.

It gives a fresh ambience for your kitchen where you can get more joyful feeling for your dining time with the family.

Yellow Kitchen Design

So, here are some yellow kitchen ideas for designing your kitchen room.

Black and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: digsdigs.com

Using black as your paint color is not a false. You can mix and match the black cabinets with yellow dining table or countertops.

It will light up your room and give a very elegant look. The combination will give you a cheerful yet warm ambience.

You can use the glossy black and yellow to give a classy look.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinet is the most favorite spot for people to get many designs. Having your yellow cabinets will really amaze the room.

The bright color of yellow as your base cabinet will really brighten up your kitchen.

You can mix it up with the white table to make the ambience more neutral.

Scandinavian Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: home-designing.com

If you want to have a simple but elegant kitchen, the Scandinavian can be your best choice.

This is a very natural design in which you can use some unpainted timber to create the natural ambience.

The wood and timber furniture will match perfectly with the mustard yellow color.

Retro Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: sndimg.com

Having a modern kitchen doesn’t mean you cannot use the yellow color. You can choose the soft yellow color with some modern furniture like cabinets, granite countertops and island.

It will give a very calm appearance and also minimalist look. It will be more gorgeous when you can choose the zigzag flooring.

Maple Yellow Kitchen

Maple is the popular wood used for many buildings and furniture. You can choose to use maple with yellow color for your kitchen cabinets, table, countertops, dining chair, and others.

It gives you a very classic and luxury look for your small kitchen.

Red and Yellow Kitchen

Who said red is a bad color? You can choose the dark red combining with yellow to create a very strong and attractive kitchen.

You can use the yellow cabinets, and choose the red flooring and some stuff in red. This combination is perfectly matched.

Yellow Kitchen Island

Image Source: wp.com

Kitchen island is also the most common stuff in kitchen that can be the eye grabber. The use of yellow kitchen cabinets will also make your kitchen look beautiful.

With the combination of white painting color, it will lighten up your room.

Yellow Subway Tile Backsplash

Image Source: sndimg.com

The use of tile backsplash will really great to make your room colorful. You don’t need to go over yellow. This simple touch will really work for your kitchen to be stunning.

Industrial Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: atticmag.com

The love for industrial kitchen will never last. The use of modern stuff and furniture will more luxury if you can mix it well with yellow color.

Canary Yellow Walls

Image Source: decoist.com

You can use the cream cabinets with butcher block as your countertops. Mixing them with the canary wall and get a dime light. You will get your classic and charming kitchen.

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