5+ Awesome Outdoor Bar Design and Ideas

Designing bar at home will be nice because it can be a good place to spend time with family and friends.

There are many home design for bar whether inside or outside the home.

Outdoor Bar Design

There are also many kinds of bars can be built such as tiki bars, mini bars outdoor, and also portable bars.

So, if you are planning to make bars in your home, these designs can be your choice.

What To Prepare?

Image Source: familyhandyman.com

Bar is one of the comfortable place to gather with friends.

It is a place to enjoying time without doing anything, just chit chat or even drink a soda.

Having a bar means you need to have more space at home.

If not, it can be suited with the space you have.

How Much The Cost?

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Choose the design and make sure you have the proper budget meets with your design.

You don’t need to spend much money just to build this bar because there are many cheap bar design you can build.

1. Backyard Outdoor Bar

Image Source: thebalanceeveryday.com

The backyard is the right place to have your own space.

You can build an outdoor tiki bar in the backyard area.

Choosing the weathered materials can give a feeling of the real tiki bar.

This design can be found on mechanic site and it is a cool design.

2. Rolling Cart Outdoor Bar

Image Source: ana-white.com

If you want to give a bar ambience to your home, you can use the mini rolling cart.

This mini rolling cart can be the portable mini bar for you and your guests.

This home mini bar can be used inside and outside.

3. Stunning Burst Outdoor Bar

A burst of stunning look you can get from this mini and simple bar.

It has a big shelves and also storage with a long pegboard.

This is one of the DIY ideas for bar.

This is also suitable for any occasion like it can be a prep table. Bar, and also as potting table.

4. Wooden Outdoor Bar

Image Source: novamett.ru

Creating the DIY bar will need time and also skill.

This wooden bar will require a woodworking skill even though it looks simple.

But this mini bar will be done in few hours if you get the right step by step.

5. Mini Coffee Outdoor Bar

Having mini coffee bar is great ideas.

This can be done by building a mini coffee with shelves and mini cabinets.

Using the granite countertop and dark brown wooden will make it classic yet stunning.

6. Home Outdoor Bar

A home bar will be definitely everyone’s dream.

Using the classic 6 feet bars will really great choice.

There are a foot rail that make it easy to move.

It also has drawers, racks, and also shelves.

7. Pottery Outdoor Bar

Image Source: elchoroukhost.net

The pottery outdoor bar is really nice for the minimalist home design.

The top of this bar is design to be foldable.

This will allow the owner to open the bar all the time.

8. Wooden Outdoor Bar

Image Source: w00dworking.com

Wood is the best material ever, it can be the best for everything in house working.

The wooden material is not expensive and it can be installed just within a weekend.

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